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Games by Astrosnout:
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Mixed Macho Arts - Wacky fighting game for one or two players! Kick, punch and wrestle your opponent into the lava below and prove your manliness!

iOS, Android

Hooah! - A rocket jumping platformer on iOS and Android! Make your way through a monster-filled jungle using nothing but old-school rocket jumping!

iOS, Android
Popping Sports - Pop the simulated limbs off the stick man's body one by one and score goals using his head as the ball! Soccer, basketball and hockey themed levels are randomly selected each time you play.

Cloud Knights - Swing and slash your way to victory on the floating arenas of Cloud Knights! Pick your weapon and use it to hack at the enemies and move across the game world. The physics-based controls allow the characters to move and fight by simply swinging their weapon.

iOS, Android